24 February 2010

The end of the road..............

I started this blog in 2008 and it was full of all my beautiful work which I had posted on Flickr. Then on the 25th October 2011 Flickr deleted my account, without warning or a good reason!

As you can imagine I was devastated! I had spent four years faithfully uploading my work, sharing with the Flickr community, networking and making friends. I had racked up over 100k visits, 450 contacts, and 35 Testimonials. I learned a lot from Flickr, but sadly in the end, the most valuable lesson they taught was that it could so easily be deleted!

I'm lucky, I have all my work faithfully backed up, but it's scary to think that I could have lost everything! It certainly took its toll on this blog, deleting most of my this is now were the road sadly ends.

So please......
Back it up & keep it safe.

Sarah x