13 October 2015

On the Edge of Focus

ON THE EDGE OF FOCUS Playing with extreme marco, focus and depth of field can be a lot of fun. Here is how I shot these individual Hydrangea flowers using two lenses. First my 85mm was set at 1.8f and mounted to my camera, the second lens, my 50mm 1.8f was then manually opened and reversed and hand held in front of my mounted 85mm lens. Holding both lenses together focus was preset meaning I had to move ever so slightly to obtain focus within the set area, like the stalk or the leaf edges.  As I was hand holding the camera and lenses I had to ensure my shutter speed didn't drop below 1/160. To ensure my shutter speed didn't become too low, and I was still able to work with just enough light, I increased my ISO setting up to 400. 

Have a go.... its fun....

26 June 2015

Summer Sale

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