Thursday, 17 April 2014

Out of the Light


OUT OF THE LIGHT There is something amazingly beautiful about the distorted blurs and weird fragmented shapes that occur when shooting wide open with very low apertures. It appears as if there is a part of our everyday world that goes completely unseen. It fascinates me that blur, however beautiful is, in fact, something very unnatural. Unless we squint into the sun or watching the sunshine flicker off the waves, beautiful blur remains illusive. (I have been warned I may one day in older age rethink this statement!) Our human eyes generally refocus, quite literally at the blink of an eye, from the foreground, background and distant horizon. We rarely catch sight of the pretty effects our cameras capture with ease. I find these shapes and irregular patterns fascinating, like natures own hidden textures. They remind me that photography is nothing without, light, dimension and form. When working with an extremely shallow range of focus, the dimensional space adjacent to the centre starts to warp into a different type of existence. It starts to take on a new quality as it twists and dances with its surrounding light.  With or without colour the effects again change, heightening a sense of emotional connection. A connection we are collectively drawn to, offering us sanctuary and allowing us, just for a moment, to retreat to our inner peace.   Sx


Monday, 14 April 2014

Again we are in leaf.....

Welcome to Spring

AGAIN WE ARE IN LEAF As the first blossoms start to fall from the tress like natures confetti, the vidid luminous infant leaves start to unfold. Their freshness and electric hues are amazing and never cease to make everything look bright, renewed and alive. This is our Easter week so instead of eggs and bunnies I'm more interested in the renewal that goes on at this time of year and just how symbolic it is of the continuos circle of life that is played our yearly through our seasons. Just stop and observe what is going on around you....our world is amazing. Sx 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Remains of the day...

REMAINS OF THE DAY After a busy workshop there are stems of odd flowers scattered everywhere, their purpose served, some have been out of water too long and have already began to fade, others are starting to open a little more. I gather ed them up and took the best ones home, where their beautiful display continues to fill my kitchen table. They now serve as a wonderful reminded of a successful workshop.  I couldn't resist get my own camera out the following day to capture some shots for myself. Working to the same principles that I teach by.... I'm reminded just how much I love my job and the pleasure I get in sharing with others how I work and create the floral images that simply fill me with joy. 

Have a wonderful Easter week and please take a moment to stop and think about the renewal Spring brings, the renewal life brings, and how much we all have to be thankful for. Sx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring at Rhubarb & Roses


SPRING AT RHUBARB & ROSES When you walk into Rhubarb & Roses delightful Winslow store you are in style heaven. Winslow's quintessential charm and Market Square are the perfect setting for this truly beautiful store. The stores picture perfect window displays and white washed interior are the perfect backdrop to the home wares and florals they sell. Working with Kate and Marisela of Rhubarb & Roses is always such a treat. I first shot for R&R last year, just before Christmas, you can see that shoot here.  I then had the pleasure, a week weeks ago, of returning to shoot their SS14 Wedding inspiration florals. Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot. Please do visit their website for more details on where to find them, I do recommend a visit if you're out in that part of the country. 



STYLING WITH COPPER, PEACH & NUDE These colours will be everywhere this year and most certainly next years hot wedding and interior colours. Copper is a beautiful material to work with, and photograph, especially when it catches the light and reflects beautiful tones of dark blush through to softbaby pinks and peaches.  Processed with my Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions: Including ProTec II, Soft Light, North Light and La Rosa. Sx


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

AN ARTISTS WORKSHOP {2014 Workshops with Sarah Gardner}


AN ARTISTS WORKSHOP From April I'll be working from Westbury Arts Centre in Milton Keynes. I'll be running four  small workshops as well as offering 121 opportunities for Creative Coaching.  This year the workshops will be limited to just five delegates per workshop. My workshops are very much about offering hands on experience in a practical working environment and Westbury is the perfect location, surrounded by fellow artists, to get creative and learn to master beautiful Still Life floral photography.   

My workshops go beyond the conventional format of a photography workshop and explore creative and style development.  Behind all the technical knowledge is an individual, you, and through mindfully coaching and the concept of setting intention I'll offer you a route towards developing your own creative style.  We are all unique and the way we see, and capture our world, through photography, is simply an interpretation of our personal choices. These choices define us and shape our work, so getting them right is important.  In today's market being able to identify with your own style and build a coherent portfolio is the key to success.  My group workshops are designed to put you in the driving seat of your own creativity and provide a format for exploring how to work with natural light, floral still life arrangements and material elements.  In addition to workshops I'm also now offering 121 Creative Coaching half or full days. These sessions are a wondeful way to directly  address developmental areas, gain additional shooting experience and /or processing tuition. Please complete the Contact Form on my website to make an enquiry. 

Please note: there is an extensive waiting list for my workshops and whilst I'm doing everything I can to make registration as fair as possible, spaces are allocated on a first come bases with full payment.  

Full day from 10am to 4.30pm:  £185 
Limited spaces available 3rd April . 10th April .  12th June . 19th June 2014 

For more information on 121 Creative Coaching and to contact me regarding booking a Workshop space please visit my new website: